Frequently Asked Questions

What we do?

Nucycle is a free-to-use recycling app developed by Nuplas Solution Sdn.Bhd.


We provide a recycling platform for users to find the nearest recycle bins and exchange their recyclables for reward coins, Touch ‘n Go eWallet cash, vouchers and even donation.

How to download and sign up for NuCycle app?

You may download NuCycle app from IOS App Store and Google Play Store. You can then easily sign up for a NuCycle account either with your email or your existing Google or Facebook account.

How should I reach out after fail attempt to download or sign up an account?

Kindly screenshot the issues and send an email to

What to do after signed up NuCycle account?
  1. Update your personal details at [Account] for a better user experience.
  2. Find your Membership ID at [Account]. You MUST clearly label your Membership ID on the packing bag when you drop off your recyclables at NuCycle recycle bins to collect reward coins.
  3. Learn sorting and recycling at [Guideline].
What are the recyclables that NuCycle accept?

Paper, Plastic, Metal and Fabric.


You may click here for more information.

How do I exchange my recyclables for reward coins?

You have to first learn what can be recycled and how to sort the recyclables correctly. Once you have completed the sorting, find your nearest recycle bins or collection hubs through NuCycle app.


You MUST label your Membership ID on the packing bags clearly when you drop your recyclables at the dedicated NuCycle recycle bins.


Otherwise, you can drop your recyclables at NuCycle collection hub. Kindly show your QR code ID at the collection hubs for NuCycle staff to scan and weight your recyclables.

What are the differences between NuCycle recycle bins and collection hubs?

You can pick the option that fits your sustainable lifestyle


  1. Despite receiving the reward coins take a longer time after dropping your recyclables at NuCycle recycle bins, the recycling for NuCycle bins are 24/7 available  for your convenience.
  2. Alternatively, your best seamless recycling experience with NuCycle can be achieved through dropping your recyclables at the collection hubs for immediate rewards coins collection. Furthermore, our NuCycle team will assist you with any questions regarding recycling directly.
Who can set up NuCycle recycle bin?

We collaborate with school, university, high rise residential buildings and commercial space with high waste disposables that can be recycled to decrease the waste footprint and landfill.


NuCycle will carry out site assessment to approve the location as NuCycle recycle bins’ site.

What to do to set up a NuCycle recycle bin?

Reach out to us here & fill in all the required details.



Can I get a customised design for the NuCycle recycle bin?

Yes. A customised recycle bins based on your requirement can be designed with extra charges for your commercial needs.

What is the entitlement as a partner of NuCycle to manage the recycle bins?

Yes. NuCycle will incentivize every kg of waste being pick-up after the types of the recyclables are being identified and the user’s Membership ID being filled up accordingly by our partner. We collaborate with partner that encourage sustainable lifestyle among the community and ensure the recycle bin is in good condition without being vandalized.

I am organizing a local event and I would like to have NuCycle recycle bin at my event. Is that possible?

Yes, we could offer an upgraded recycling experience catering for your event with our NuCycle Truck. NuCycle Truck can be arranged based on the truck availability and venue condition. We hope to elevate your event towards a more sustainable one with our NuCyle Truck recycling solution.


Kindly email us at as early as possible.



What are the rewards available in the NuCycle App?

Touch ‘n Go eWallet cash is our current reward partner and we look forward to feature more reward partners like you to encourage more sustainable lifestyle with NuCycle.


Kindly email us at to be our next reward partner.

Where is NuCycle service available?

NuCycle recycle bins and collection hubs recycling service are available across Penang, Malaysia.
NuCycle recycling service expansion plan will cover more neighbouring states in near future.


If you are interested to lead a more sustainable lifestyle within your community at your states territory, kindly reach to us by filling up the form here.